To Be Here

by Jordan Nugent

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Life on earth and we steady just breathin’
Fight through the verse gettin’ rid of all demons
A verse to the people just to be clear
That we’re all blessed just to be here

Verse #1
Livin’ life in the moment and then I realize, I might not show it, but I spill lines
Like blood from the gunshot victim / now we got his picture on shirts we wear
But I still feel that I’m blessed to be here / in my 21st year / and I wasn’t prepared for the love that would tear / lost my glare but my homies repaired
Routes I could take, for me to bounce back / without any pain, we never could laugh
Or maybe we could but it wouldn’t be viewed as sacred / traveling a path only few have taken / losin’ my nation
I’m pledging allegiance to faith that I keep / they do not believe, but wait til’ they see / my name on top and watch it never leave
This the hip-hop that they said it could be
Spit real shit for my niggas in the streets / and I’m taking it to heights that was really unseen
I know they will feel it because they dream / look at where Phil is and it humbles me
Got me thinking of Keith and degrees he received
So I’m bound to get hot, sometime soon / while they flow like waters I ride the typhoon / and rise like the moon
So I can shine when the sun is removed / but what I write down despite of all feuds
Life is a cycle that evolves us / Do we adapt, or just stay the same?
Spit a couple raps that put on my name, next to the city come along right wit it
I never do wrong when I write my vision, give it to my niggas and they might re-live it
Life’s infinite and love is like art
And I look back cause I came so far / but not for too long, the bars let me draw / I look to the stars and then see my heart
Life gets hard, I know I’m not alone / write down scars and go into a zone, that is untouched
And I paint my life with one brush, with a graceful vibe / gotta get patient and wait for the rise, cause the path that I’ve taken will take some time
When I feel doubt I will play these lines and let it fill out the darkness inside
When I feel doubt I will play these lines and let it fill out the darkness inside
Sometimes I need to fly, sometimes I need to fly

Going through life and we persevere
Look to the mirror but no one is there
So we must find ourselves once again
For the first step I help you begin


released June 11, 2017
Written by Jordan Nugent
Recorded in Sacramento, CA



all rights reserved


Jordan Nugent Sacramento, California

Life Is Art | Love Is Infinite

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